The Intercessor | A Gospel Study

In the beginning was the Word. In the beginning, He spoke and created the world. And it was good, very good. But I chose to worship the created thing rather than the Creator. I turned to my own way, leaning on my own understanding, esteeming the riches of Egypt as more desirable than the One […]

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Behold My God!

Originally posted on Olivia in Bolivia:
“Olivia, I think it’s just so great that you’re doing this!” Over the last few months, I’ve had several people say things along those lines. It’s really sweet and really encouraging. They want to build me up by pointing out what they see God doing in me. Or sometimes,…

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That Life Might Die

The Maker of man became Man that He, Ruler of the stars, might be nourished at His mother’s breast; that He, the Bread, might hunger; that He, the Fountain, might thirst; that He, the Light, might sleep; that He, the Way, might be wearied by the journey; that He, the Truth, might be accused by […]

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Only One Life

Two little lines I heard one day,Traveling along life’s busy way;Bringing conviction to my heart,And from my mind would not depart;Only one life, ’twill soon be past,Only what’s done for Christ will last. Only one life, yes only one,Soon will its fleeting hours be done;Then, in “that day” my Lord to meet,And stand before His […]

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Upward I Look

I wake up with a smile at the thought of the gift of another day.  All is well.  All is at peace.  All is perfect. Tossing off the blankets and, slipping into a simple dress, venture out of my chambers and to the castle tower.  I climb it barefoot, humming as I go, relishing the […]

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Binding and Loosing: The Pleiades

I like catchy titles, so I’ll do the right thing and let you know up front that this post pretty much has nothing to do with Matthew 16:19. Haha. I was inspired to share this story/astronomy lesson after I read Brandon’s post in which he nerded out astronomically and theologically. I LOVE astronomy, and it […]

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Victory March

The Lord roars from Zion, “It is finished!”And purchases His brideThe cost His everything, life flowingFrom His hands, His feet, His sideGreatest weakness His greatest triumphIn death He overcameTread underfoot man’s iniquities Scorned Satan’s fameAt His command death released HimVictory march from the graveMade conquerors from the once defeatedOh, He is able to save!

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