O come, O come, EmmanuelOnce cried captive IsraelHer groanings in her chains increasedHer lament to God never ceasedWith longing in her heart she prayedThat God would come and she’d be saved. Advertisements

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Lessons from a Sociopath

Last week, I shared a video of the testimony of Dr. David Wood, who was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. This testimony touched me deeply and set my mind spinning. Today, I’ll elaborate on three ways this video impacted me. I hope these things will serve as inspiration and refreshment to you as well!

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Inspired by a Sociopath

Last week, I discovered the testimony of Dr. David Wood. If you’re familiar with Nabeel Qureshi, Dr. Wood was instrumental in leading him to Christ. I feel like it would be impossible to express to you how deeply inspired I was by Dr. Wood’s testimony – so I’m going to attempt the impossible! Haha. 🙂 In this post, I’ll talk about how I discovered this testimony, why it initially interested me, and a bit on how I felt while watching it. Next week (Lord willing), I’ll post how it specifically inspired me and the many things Jesus taught me through it. Read More


So, you’re stretched thin. You’re out of strength, you’re overwhelmed You’ve too much to do, and stress has helmed Your life into tailspin, but you can’t quit Too much depends on you, so you grit Your teeth and stay up all night again. More is demanded from you than you can give Worn down to […]

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The Standard

In rushes the flood Fog settles, everything’s a blur. Emotions cannot concur. Out of grasp, they never stay; Truth has fallen, all is gray. I cannot pray. What would I say?

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My New Heart

“Hypocrite.  You don’t really want that and you know it.” Life would be a lot more enjoyable if Satan would just shut up.  This particular phrase was thrown at me when one day I prayed, “Lord, let me be a genuine blessing to those I interact with today.”

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